Bollinger Bands Riding Duplication (BBRD) Indicator Vladimir Ribakov’s In-House Developed Indicator

Two super powerful features of Bollinger Bands in one indicator

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About this indicator

Bollinger Bands is one of the most common, known and used indicators among traders. The strategies using this powerful indicator vary from range trading to reversal trading and trend riding.

After a deep research for over two years I twisted this amazing indicator and the way I trade with it so it fits my and my students’ trading style.

I've created an indicator that will help me trade my ways, and that's what you get here!

This indicator comes with two super powerful features.

  • It will find all the situations where Bollinger Bands is riding on extreme conditions and will mark them for you!


  • it knows how to create dynamic support and resistance levels based on Bollinger Bands ranges and their breakouts!

This indicator is second to none, and is considered by my students as a MUST-HAVE indicator in their trading arsenal.

The indicator comes for both MT4 and MT5 versions for your maximum comfort.

About the creator

Vladimir Ribakov is a professional trader, certified chief technician, and an online mentor with a vast community of home-based traders.

In his trading sessions, he often spots a need for new indicators which don’t exist yet, or if they do exist, he doesn’t trust them.

To bridge the gap, Vladimir leverages his personal and dedicated developer that codes trading programs and software to fulfill his trading needs.

From time to time, when an idea turns into a tool, and it is consistently successful, Vladimir opens it to the public. Let there be no mistake. Vladimir creates these intuitive trading tools to invest more accurately and increase the number of trading opportunities. However, if he notices demand from his trading community, he will share his trading tools with his community.

As you have put together, Bollinger Bands Indicator is one of the newest additions to Vladimir’s arsenal of revolutionary trading tools.

How will this indicator help you?

This indicator will help you to spot absolutely amazing levels to trade from based on my unique Bollinger Bands trading techniques and strategies.

This indicator is simple to use, powerful for trading levels, and provides very accurate trading opportunities based on my Bollinger Strategies - which you’ll get access to, once you get your copy.

What makes it different from classic Bollinger Bands tools?

What makes it different from classic Bollinger Bands tools?

The default Bollinger Bands is an amazing indicator as is. But after a research I did for more than 2 years, I’ve twisted it to fit my trading style and the style of my students in a way that it will help me to spot the most accurate trading levels and opportunities based on Bollinger Bands ranges!

What is The Algorithmic Logic behind this indicator?

The two powerful features that this indicator has are -

  • Bollinger Bands extreme Riding conditions
  • Bollinger Bands range duplication

These features create ultimate trading opportunities based on Bollinger levels and provide accurate trading opportunities

Real-Time BBRD Indicator Examples:

Bollinger Bands Riding Duplication (BBRD)

RECAP: What you get with the Bollinger Bands Riding Duplication (BBRD) Indicator

  1. Our unique Bollinger Bands indicator
  2. Two features of Bollinger Bands that provide accurate trading opportunities
  3. Detailed manual
  4. Trading strategies video

Latest version for both MT4 & MT5 is 1.31

  1. Alerts (Meta trader platform, email, mobile) for Overriding conditions, both buys and sells.
  2. Alerts (Meta trader platform, email, mobile) for END OF Overriding conditions, both buys and sells.
  3. Hide\Show button for full control of indicator appearances

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